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Like many industries, health care has not gone untouched by advancements in technology. At CareOne Internal Medicine and Primary Care, Mubarak Khawaja, MD, and Asim Khawaja, MD, offer the convenience of telemedicine appointments to their patients in and around Houston and Katy, Texas. Whether you need a routine visit, a simple follow-up, or have specific health concerns, you can schedule a telemedicine appointment with the team and get the care you need. Call their office, or schedule an appointment online today.

Telemedicine Q & A

What is telemedicine?

Using internet technology and video conferencing platforms, telemedicine facilitates care between health care providers and their patients through remote health visits. Like an in-person visit, telemedicine appointments allow you to speak with your provider about any health concerns you might have.

With the world of telemedicine, physicians can provide much-needed services to their patients, wherever they may be. CareOne Internal Medicine and Primary Care understands you can’t always make it into the doctor’s office for a health visit. With their telemedicine appointments, you can still meet with your doctor through a video conferencing platform, so they can help assess your situation.

How does a telemedicine visit work?

Your telemedicine visit with the team at CareOne Internal Medicine and Primary Care is a simple and easy process. After you’ve confirmed your appointment, you’ll receive instructions beforehand to set up the necessary equipment and login information. At the time of your appointment, you’ll download and log into the designated video conferencing platform. Once your doctor has joined the video conference, you’ll begin your appointment.

As with a regular visit, be sure to have any relevant health information at the ready that your doctor might need, such as previous medical history, a log of symptoms and health concerns, and a list of any medications you’re taking. If you’re receiving maintenance care for a chronic condition, your provider will ask you questions about your progress and update treatment plans if necessary.

If you need any prescriptions refilled, your doctor can also send that over to your pharmacy at the end of your visit. Once your doctor has completed their assessment, they can send you off with a diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.

What are the benefits of telemedicine?

The team at CareOne Internal Medicine and Primary Care believes in the many benefits of telemedicine visits, including

  • Less time is wasted from commuting and waiting rooms
  • The flexibility to conduct your appointments wherever, whenever Routine and follow-up appointments are easy to schedule

CareOne Internal Medicine and Primary Care pledges the same high-quality and compassionate care with telemedicine visits that they provide when you come into their office. If you’re interested in telemedicine services, call the office today or schedule an appointment online.